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The kennel is located 3.5 miles from the intersection of US 84/285 and 399 (the landmark is the Dream Catcher Theater). Take Highway 399 for 3.2 miles, the road will Y, take the left leg, and go 1/4 mile more. Turn right on Private Drive 1156. Follow the road to the end and you’ll be in the parking lot.

UPDATE: We are open by appointment only.
Please contact us at 505-753-9530 or to request an appointment. 

​Mission Statement

At Black Mesa Kennels, we’re passionate about dogs, cats, rabbits, and feathered friends. Everything we do, everything we use, promotes the well-being of everyone in our care. From gentle, nurturing grooming to experienced, loving care while boarding, to positive reward-based training, we strive to make each visit (whether for a day, a month, or more) a rewarding experience for all.

Our goal is to provide the most supportive experience for the animals that stay for boarding, come for grooming, and learn how to be trained. Their well-being is our highest concern.


A fresh food diet for dogs and a meat/organ/bone diet for cats is in the animals best interest. Cats are obligate carnivores. They cannot digest and get nutrients from grains or legumes (or plant material, unless it is found in the stomach contents of their prey) and should be fed as such. Feeding dry food to a cat causes cavities in their back molars as well as sets them up for early kidney, liver, and bladder diseases. Cats in the wild get the majority of their water content from the muscle and organ meat of their prey.

Dogs who are fed a fresh food diet, whether raw or lightly cooked, have found to be much healthier and live longer than dogs fed a dry food diet. In order to process the dry food bits, the original ingredients have to cooked at such a high temperature that all the nutrition is cooked out. Then, after the fact, synthetic vitamins and fats are sprayed on the bits and (often) food coloring is added. Many dog and cat foods also contain preservatives, like BHA and BHT, and toxic food coloring.

Contrary to popular belief, dry food does not clean teeth. Imaging eating a box of cookies. Do your teeth feel clean afterwards?

With this in mind, we no longer offer kennel dry food while boarding cats or dogs. If your dog or cat eats a dry food diet at home, please bring it while your furry stays with us.

We are happy to consult with you on how to feed a fresh food diet to your dogs and/or cats.

“I wanted to call my animal friends ‘four-leggeds’ until I remembered all my three-legged and two-legged friends and how special they are to me.” – Drea Harris, Black Mesa Kennels

We are a Holistic kennel. Our goal is to provide excellent care in a non-toxic environment and to help educate both the owners and the animals in nutrition, dog manners, and well-being. Our boarding, grooming, and training services are all force-free. We carry several products to keep your pets healthy in the world, from supplementation to non-toxic flea & tick spray to raw food/raw bones. We also carry Fruit of the Earth CBD oil for your pets.
Call us at (505) 753-9530 to book a boarding reservation for your pet or a grooming appointment for your dog, or to inquire about training options available.Email:   Update: we’ve changed our fax number, which is now toll-free: 855.787.4402

We offer:

  • 12 climate-controlled indoor/outdoor runs for dogs
  • Raised kennel decking
  • 5 separated indoor/outdoor cat enclosures
  • Experienced and loving small animal boarding
  • Gentle, nurturing dog grooming services, using natural non-toxic shampoos
  • Positive-reinforcement dog training
  • Flower Essences and Herbal / Homeopathic remedies, for ease of fear, when indicated
  • ​Natural non-toxic cleaners
  • Holistic and force-free
  • Soothing music in kennel and cat habitats

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, debit cards, and cash.

Black Mesa Kennels, LLC
(505) 753-9530 phone
Toll Free (855) 787-4420 fax