Please use our Online Reservation Request app by clicking the link on the Home page. Once you’ve entered desired boarding dates and care preferences for your pet(s) into the app, we’ll be back in touch with you to confirm reservation details via text and/or email.

A link to pay the required deposit will be automatically sent via SMS when your request is approved. The reservation is not confirmed until the deposit is paid.

Boarding and Daycare Fees (+ tax)

Dog Boarding, per dog, per night with a 10am check out*  
  • $38 per night, per dog   two dogs maximum, per run
Dog Boarding at Drea’s Home per night, per dog on premises as part of her pack:
  • Additional $10 per night
  • Available to a limited number of well-behaved dogs at a time
  • Dogs have to be conditioned to not chase the family cats
  • Must be house-trained (no chewing, no scratching furniture, no potty pads), and get along with Drea’s pack
  • Must eat all their food in each feeding (no free feeding)

Cat Boarding, per pet
  • $20 per night

Cat kennels are fully-enclosed, indoor/outdoor habitats located inside their own dedicated building. Each habitat has its own cat door and window and includes all the amenities to help your cat feel comfortable while being away from home.


Dog Daycare, per dog  full day only:
  • $35 per day, per dog

Boarding is charged per night, with a 10am check out (see above fee schedule), and includes: bedding (though you are free to bring your own); litter (for cats); food/water bowls; at least four outside playtimes daily (for dogs). Dogs are housed in separate indoor/outdoor kennels that are climate controlled and monitored. Dogs enjoy outside runs at least four times a day at no extra charge.

We require that all pet owners bring their pet’s normal food, as diet changes often result in tummy/digestive upset and are no fun for your pet, or our staff. We have plenty of refrigerator and freezer space to store raw or homemade food for those dogs and cats who eat a raw or fresh food diet at home. Please do not bring your own bowls, unless they are slow-feeders.

*We also offer the option of feeding your dog or cat our House Raw Canine or Feline Meals – for an additional charge, based on your pet’s weight. We only recommend this option if your dog or cat already is accustomed to eating a raw diet at home. 


Available Drop-off & Pick-up Times at the Kennel are located inside the Reservation app

We have a 10:00 AM check-out time, which means that animals picked-up after 10:00 AM Monday – Saturday, will incur an additional night’s boarding charge.  Limited hours are available on Saturdays and no appointments are scheduled on Sunday. More information can be found on the Policies tab.


We believe in a holistic approach for the care and feeding of all animals that cross our path. If you don’t want to take our word for why repeated vaccinations are actually making your animals LESS healthy, please do your own research, and this is a good starting point: Vaccine Questions to Ask Your Vet.

Please keep in mind that we are not a substitute for your veterinarian.

Rabies: We use to the “One and Done” policy on vaccinations. Check out the Rabies Challenge Fund to see the research on the actual duration of immunity of the rabies vaccination; one rabies vaccination lasts at least 5 years, and most likely longer. Even though local laws require a current rabies (and possibly distemper) vaccination for your pet, we do not. We do not believe this is necessary, and more importantly, can be harmful to your pet.

Distemper: With one distemper vaccine, your dog may be vaccinated FOR LIFE. Please discuss all options with your veterinarian; these guidelines are only for boarding at Black Mesa Kennels.

Bordetella: (Also known as Kennel Cough, though we call it Canine Cough as it can be spread at Day Care, at the Dog Park, or anywhere dogs are together) We no longer require this vaccination; in fact, we do not recommend it at all. Read this article to find out more. It’s been our experience that dogs who receive this vaccination not only shed* it for up to 6 weeks wherever they go, they also seem to get sicker when exposed to a respiratory virus than those who are not vaccinated with the Bordetella vaccine, or who have had it lapse for more than a year. With that in mind, if you still wish to vaccinate your dog for Bordetella, even after doing your own research, please wait at least 30 days prior to bringing your dog in for boarding or daycare. This allows your dog adequate time to “shed” prior to coming to our kennel.

*When a live vaccine is used to build immunity against a specific virus or pathogen, the body’s response is “virtually identical” to how the body reacts when naturally-infected. Shedding is what happens when cells in the body release viral particles. This may increase the risk of spreading the infection to others. –

While we do sometimes feel it necessary to take animals to the vet, we ask that you, as pet parents, give us full disclosure on the health and wellness of your animals, so that we can give our best care while they are staying with us. If your pet becomes ill while staying with us, the more we know, the better we can deal with any situation that may arise. 


Please bring dry food in a plastic tub with a tight fitting lid + a scoop.

We discourage the use of plastic bags because they are difficult to dispose of or recycle, and all too often end up deteriorating in the environment.


Here at Black Mesa Kennels, we feed our own animals a species-appropriate raw diet. We are happy to consult with owners on how to transition their dogs and/or cats to a fresh, whole food diet. As well, there are quite a few high-quality Organic and all-natural raw and gently-cooked pet food brands on the market today.

Santa Fe is fortunate to have a superb, certified-Organic and regionally-sourced pet food company, Shine Pet Food Co. (formerly Marty’s Meals).

Food changes often lead to tummy upset and/or digestive distress; so we require that you bring your own food in a container with a tight lid. *An additional charge will apply for feeding our “House Raw Canine or Feline meals,” if your pet’s food is not supplied. 

Cat parents: We recommend that you feed raw or canned wet food, because all cats, both wild and domestic are obligate carnivores – which means they need a diet that consists of at least 70% meat protein. Dry food has minimal nutrition value for our feline friends and contributes to early kidney/bladder/liver imbalances, as well as dental tarter. See our Resources page for more information on the healthy way to feed cats.

Medications and Supplements

​There is a $2 charge for each dose of supplements or medications. Eye drops/eye ointment, thyroid medications, and insulin shots incur a $3 per dose charge.

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